EDMONTON -- A group of Edmonton doctors is teaming up to tackle coronavirus misinformation, responding to what they say is a decline in public trust in the government.

The Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Association is organizing a Strategic COVID-19 Pandemic Committee.

Former chief medical officer of health James Talbot is co-chair of the 10-member committee.

"This isn’t public health versus the economy, that’s not what’s happening," Talbot said. "This is the virus against Edmontonians, their families and the kinds of communities that they live in."

He says the committee will evaluate the government's pandemic response and provide be an additional resource for Albertans.

"We just think that for getting the right information out there, and correcting the misinformation." Talbot said. "The more people we have doing it, the better off we’ll be."

The committee will expand to include voices from a range of medical disciplines.

The mandate includes doing research and making recommendations without the influence of partisan politics or personal conflicts.

The Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Association represents 1,700 doctors in the Edmonton zone.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Jeremy Thompson