EDMONTON -- Ubers, taxis and other vehicle-for-hire services must follow new rules during the COVID-19 pandemic starting Wednesday, the City of Edmonton said.

The city has implemented the following requirements and restrictions to protect drivers and passengers and limit potential exposure to the coronavirus:

  • Only one passenger per vehicle, unless the passengers live together, are in a close personal relationship, or one is a required caregiver
  • There may also be more than one passenger if there is a two-metre distance between them, as well as the driver
  • No passengers in the front seat
  • Drivers must have cleaning and disinfecting supplies in the front seat and clean the vehicle — including door handles inside and outside, window controls, door locks, seats, seatbelts and buckles, and payment devices — after each trip.
  • If a passenger shows COVID-19 symptoms, the vehicle must be removed from the services and thoroughly cleaned.

The City of Edmonton qualified the vehicle-for-hire industry as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new regulations will be enforced.