An Edmonton lawyer says she is still shaken up after a terrifying carjacking in Mexico two months ago. The woman was on a holiday with her elderly parents when bandits approached their vehicle.

Johanne Amonson says they were driving home from Puerto Vallarta just outside Mazatlan when they were surrounded by bandits who demanded they stop the car.

Amonson says she was grazed by a bullet and her 90-year-old father was dragged from the vehicle with a gun to his head.

"My mom thought they were going to execute him on the spot...that's when she opened her door and a bandit tried to choke her with her necklace," she said.

Amonson's 86-year-old mother, Traudie, now suffers from traumatic stress disorder.

"I see this horrible face with his gun pointed between my eyes," she told CTV News by phone.

Amonson is now demanding an apology from the Mexican government. She says she has received some financial compensation from government officials.

Currently, there are travel advisories for the area. Foreign Affairs warns tourists to exercise caution when vacationing in Mexico. It warns against non-essential travel to border areas because of high levels of carjacking and drug trafficking.

Foreign Affairs also recommends tourists travel by air.

Amonson and her parents were not physically injured in the incident.

With files from Serena Mah