Edmonton Oilers President Patrick LaForge is getting into defense mode, as some high-profile Edmontonians prepare to take shots at him – all in the name of charity.

LaForge will be ‘roasted’ on Feb. 13 as part of the ATB Financial Rotary Roast in support of the Boys and Girls Club Big Brothers and Sisters organization.

A roast is an event where a guest of honour is subject to jokes and comedic insults.

It's the first roast put on by the Rotary Club of Edmonton, with LaForge as the official 'Roast Guest of Honour.'

“I’ll take some stiff shots I know I will, but I might get a chance to answer back,” LaForge said on Friday.

“I certainly plan to defend myself against these evil attackers.”

Those ‘attackers’ include Allan Wachowich, Bryan Hall, Garry Meyer, Jason Strudwick, Jim Jerome, Jim Matheson, Len Rhodes and a mystery roaster who is yet to be revealed.

The night includes a reception and silent auction, is sponsored in part by CTV Edmonton and will be hosted by CTV’s Graham Neil, who says LaForge and guests are in for an exciting evening of laughs.

“What you’re hoping is that everyone's got a sense of humor, everyone’s got to be good with being made fun,” Neil said.

“My biggest honour is being able to share the stage with Bryan Hall’s hair.”

Money raised from the event will go to help fund the Big Brothers Big Sisters McCauley Club.

“We have a legacy project and for the McCauley Club renovation we’ve committed $250,000 to it and this (roast) will go towards that,” said Diana Dai with the Rotary Club of Edmonton.

“It’s a huge cause,” LaForge said. “They need funding for recreational activities, it’s really important to distract them from the tough life they face.”

The night will be hockey-themed, taking place on the ice at Rexall Place. LaForge and roasters will be seated at centre stage. Videos of LaForge describing his relationship with each roaster will also play.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen next because the range, all the roasters, are all professionals,” he said.

“I’ve seen a few of them at work at roasts, like Bryan Hall, he was brilliant. He left everything in shreds on the floor so I’m a little worried about that.”

LaForge joined the Edmonton Oilers organization in 2000 and has spent more than 30 years working in the NHL.

He was the driving force behind the creation of The Heritage Classic, the first regular season outdoor NHL game, which was played in November 2003.

The long-time Rotarian is also responsible for the creation of the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation, which has provided $20 million to charities since 2001.

Tickets for the Rotary Roast of Patrick LaForge are $100 + GST.

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