EDMONTON -- Members of Edmonton Opera are performing at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on Saturday, but not on the stage. The group is performing on the building's roof.

"It is kind of cool," Cara McLeod says with a laugh.

McLeod, an Edmonton-based soprano, has performed with the Edmonton Opera inside the Jubilee Auditorium many times, but this is the first time she will sing from a rooftop.

"I have never done this. This is new!"

McLeod, along with Robert Clark and pianist Leanne Regehr, will be performing two shows from above the Jubilee’s parking lot to an audience sitting in their vehicles. At this stage in their careers it’s been an interesting summer of playing on unique stages.

"Sometimes what this pandemic has brought about is concerts and live music in all kinds of circumstances," says Regehr.

They've spent the last few months performing outdoors in backyards, front yards and gardens. But they say those intimate shows have been great for both themselves and the small audiences.

"There's all different levels of stress in society so if we can bring music to them and help them connect, I feel really fortunate to do that for sure," says McLeod.

McLeod isn't sure how the audience on Saturday will react to their performances.

"I don’t know if they'll beep their horns. I hope so. I'm not sure on how this will work."

So far the idea of a drive-in concert seems to be working pretty well as both shows on Saturday are sold out. Edmonton Opera says they will be posting footage from the shows online and perhaps there could be another rooftop performance.

"As long as it's not icy and we're not on a slant there are many possibilities," says Regehr.​