EDMONTON -- An Edmonton pharmacist's registration has been ordered cancelled after a hearing tribunal for the Alberta College of Pharmacy found him guilty of 30 separate allegations of unprofessional conduct. 

Pierre Rizk, was also ordered to pay $50,000 in fines and $260,000 in hearing and investigation costs. 

According to ACP, its investigation of Rizk found "serious practice, ethical and governance breaches."

"He seemed to be more interested in experimenting on his patients for his own gratification and this no doubt influenced his decisions not to confer with his patients’ physicians," reads the tribunal's decision. 

"He appeared to believe that his qualifications were somehow superior to all others including his patients’ physicians, and he maintained these beliefs even when confronted with serious concerns about his patient care."

The pharmacy owned and operated by Rizk was closed in April of 2019 and has not reopened. 

He is also banned from being proprietor, licensee, or owner of pharmacy in Alberta. 

The APC ruling outlines Rizk's misconduct in more detail, noting he ignored or clashed with fellow colleagues, failed to cooperate with investigators and failed to follow best prescribing practices. 

"The profession of pharmacy prides itself on self-governance, adherence to standards and ethics, and providing excellence in care. One cannot completely disregard these principles and expect to be a clinical pharmacist in the profession of pharmacy; it simply cannot be tolerated," reads the ruling.