EDMONTON -- It’s National French Onion Soup day and a local restaurant is celebrating the classic dish by giving back.

From Jan. 20-24, Brasserie Bardot, a French bistro in Edmonton’s High Street area, is donating the proceeds of all French onion soup sales to charity.

In this case, it's the Hope Mission that will recieve the funds.

Adrian Solomon, General Manager of Brasserie Bardot, says January and February are months that see a slow down in giving to charities so the bistro picked Hope Mission to help out.

"We saw them around town struggling to help everyone in need and thought we could help out," he said.

Executive Chef Shariq Naujeer feels it's important to give back to the community.

"Since we opened in October of 2019, Edmonton has been really good to us so we wanted to put a little more into the scene and give back to the Hope Mission, especially with how cold its been," he said.

The Chef is proud of his French onion soup, made with four kinds of onions and two different stocks, and encourages folks to come down and try it and help the Hope.

The Brasserie is planning on making this a monthly special, highlighting a different dish each month.