The federal election may be over a month away, but experts are already predicting which way Edmonton is likely to swing.

Currently the area is mostly Conservative, with two Liberal seats and one NDP.

“These are very close, swing ridings,” says Political Expert Chaldeans Mensah.

One such riding is Edmonton Centre, which is currently held by Liberal Randy Boissonnault, but in the past has also been a Conservative riding.

“It’s gone to Laurie Hawn in the past, Anne McLellan for the liberals has carried the seat. It tends to swing back and forth,” said Mensah.

The NDP riding of Edmonton Strathcona, currently held by Linda Duncan, is another riding with an uncertain future since she will not be seeking re-election.

One of the closest races is likely to be Edmonton Mill Woods, currently held by Amarjeet Sohi.

Sohi is well known around the city, having formerly served on Edmonton City Council. Sohi joined the Liberal caucus in 2015 and became a cabinet minister shortly after being elected.

Mensah says that even well-known Liberals in Alberta have an added difficulty right now in the form of Justin Trudeau.

“Mr. Trudeau is not a very popular figure on Alberta issues,” says Mensah.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney made his views on the future of the federal government known in Calgary on Wednesday.

“The re-election of a Trudeau Liberal government would be devastating to this province,” says Premier Kenney.

Kenney has long been a critic of Justin Trudeau and says he will not stop just because an election has been called.

“Our economic future, jobs in this province, are linked to the outcome of this federal election. I’m not just going to sit by passively.”

It’s a move Mensah thinks may be harmful in the long run.

“I think that eventually both jurisdictions have to work together to solve Canadian problems. When you personalize it, with personal attacks, it makes that very difficult.” 

In the end, Mensah thinks that planning may be the key to winning this race.

“It's going to come down to organization, get out the vote, whoever is well-entrenched and mobilized.”

The federal election will be on Oct. 21.

With files from CTV Edmonton’s Bill Fortier