The mayor of St. Albert was on hand at city hall Wednesday morning to give Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel a cheque for $50,000.

St. Albert handed over the cash because the city wants to be a part of the future LRT line into the city. The vision is to get the LRT north from NAIT to St. Albert.

"We've provided the funding to help with the alignment and into St. Albert perhaps right up to the park and ride. That's one option," said St. Albert Mayor, Nolan Crouse.

But according to Mandel, St. Albert doesn't appear to be on the top of the LRT priority list.

"It's no more urgent than to get it to the west-end or the south side, "said Mandel. "St. Albert route is important but it's not more important than anything else in Edmonton."

St. Albert residents are already on-board with getting the LRT in their area.

"For people like me who don't have their driver's licence it works," said Brynn Tralnberg."It would be nice and a great way to get around town."

Mandel suggested that Mill Woods is the next priority for the LRT expansion. Once NAIT and the south side stations are complete, the proposed planning for a St. Albert route won't start until the spring of 2010.

With files from Joel Gotlib