EDMONTON -- Fifteen-year-old Jacques Forestier's parents say they noticed their son had a gift early on.

"He picked up everything he was taught like a sponge," Jacques' mother, Marie, said. "I’ve taught for many years, all ages, and at two (years old) that’s unique."

When he was just 10 years old, Jacques was invited to play at the coveted Carnegie Hall in New York City with his grandmother accompanying him on piano.

“I believe that was the start of, really, my comprehension that I could become a violinist which is my ultimate goal,” Forestier said about the experience.

His travels didn’t end there. Forestier says he's already performed in more than 15 countries as a soloist.

And last year, while in Geneva, Switzerland, Forestier said he noticed he was developing a new passion.

"I thought, I just want to do more of this," Forestier said. "Experiencing the culinary scene of each city, I’m really starting to get a feel for different places."

Also interested in economics and foreign policy the teen says, the travelling opportunities afforded to him through violin have allowed him to break away from the many hours of daily practice and enjoy the experiences that come away from the stage. He says it’s given him an appreciation for playing in front of different audiences.

“Of course my biggest passion is the violin, but it's a cherry on top to be able to share the music with so many different kinds of audience and getting different kinds of reactions,” he said. “It's really special”

And the opportunity has not gone unappreciated by his parents who are both music teachers.

“I could never have imagined this would become what it has become for him and that he would have the opportunities he's been given," Marie said.

"If there are opportunities to travel, or to make money, these are all just icing on the cake."

Forestier is scheduled for another performance in Tel Aviv, Israel this spring.