An Edmonton woman is trying to create a splash of change for those who opt for non-alcoholic beverages.

Katie Degen says she struggled with alcohol for years, and hopes to help others tackle their addictions by hosting “Sober Saturdayz,” a monthly alcohol-free event held across the city for those wanting to have fun without the pressure to drink.

Degen wanted to offer an alternative for others who battle addictions after noticing her drinking habits.

“I find that when I drank or when I was partying it was mostly because I felt uncomfortable in social situations,” said Degen. “So I didn't feel comfortable with how I looked, or how I talked or how I felt and I realized that was main reasons I was drinking."

With many New Year’s resolutions gravitating towards “Dry January,” one psychologist says the trend should be less about abstaining all together, and more about self-awareness.

Sometimes people, not for everybody, but many people if they do go into dry January they actually tend to drink less for subsequent months going forward,” said Doctor Ganz Ferrance.

Degen says she wants to take things further for those who don’t drink, by one day opening an online non-alcoholic liquor store.

She hopes the products will help break the stigma at social gatherings, and help people keep their resolutions.

With files from Regan Hasegawa