EDMONTON -- An Edmonton woman had an online run-in with one of Canada’s most prominent actors, after asking Ryan Reynolds to closed caption his viral tweet. 

The Vancouver-born Deadpool actor tweeted a new ad for his gin brand, which featured the same woman who starred in a now-infamous Peloton stationary bike ad last month.

Crystal Jones, who is Deaf, had seen people tweeting and joking about the new ad featuring the “Peloton Girl,” but didn’t understand what the video was about.

“Someone gave a transcript but I waved it off because deaf people want the same viewing experience as everyone else,” said Jones.

That’s when she sent out a tweet to Ryan Reynolds, asking him to caption his video.

Jones says to her surprise, Reynolds tweeted her back—and delivered on her ask.

“Most celebrities are inundated with hundreds or thousands of tweets. When I saw him tweet at me, I was squeeling and stomping my feet in my kitchen—and also trying to be cool on social media,” said Jones.

"I finally understood what everybody was talking about."

She said if Reynolds can throw on captioning for one of his own videos, anyone else can, too.

“So many people don’t realize the benefits of captioning also applies to them, not just deaf people. That’s deaf gain for us. What benefits us also benefits everyone else.”

While Jones said she wasn't in any rush to purchase a Peleton, Reynolds' gin may not be out of the picture.

"I always liked watching his movies. I didn’t follow him until yesterday. And then when he tweeted me, I’m like, 'Oh, I’m a fan now.'"