EDMONTON -- A pandemic hobby has flourished into a part-time business for an Edmonton entrepreneur.

Nicole Maksim-Piquette is the owner and soul pourer of Nicswicksyeg, customized soy wax candles for any occasion.

In 2020, Maksim-Piquette said she purchased a candle kit online as a way to pass the time and bring joy to friends and family. But, her hobby has since evolved into much more than that.

“I went from my 12-jar candle kit to pouring 1,200 candles since last May,” she said.


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Through the power of social media, Maksim-Piquette said her business has really taken off because of likes, shares, and word-of-mouth.

She adds a personal touch to every candle by working with customers to customize their design and scent, and told CTV News Edmonton a strong scent can trigger memories for some.

“If you smell coconut, it might take you back to a tropical vacation you went on.

“And Lilac always reminds me of walking through my grandma’s garden in the spring,” she added.

In a time when people are going through constant change, Maksim-Piquette just wants to provide people with a sense of comfort.

“There’s something about lighting a candle that brings warmth and coziness into a house, and so when you add on a funny label it becomes a conversation piece, and then it gets people laughing.”

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While Maksim-Piquette has a full-time job on top of pouring candles, she hasn’t written off the idea of expanding.

“This is definitely a great, fun, part-time hobby,” she said.

“I’ve been doing it for the past year. We’ll just see what direction I go in from here.”

Porch pick ups are currently being offered to ensure a touchless transaction.