Disappointment was on the faces of many Edmontonians after Canada lost to Russia at the world junior hockey championship.

“It’s pretty disappointing just because they had a really good team this year,” hockey fan Justin Derkach told CTV News.

“With the team that they had this year I thought they would get a medal,” Andrew Doell said.

“I don’t think they were connecting that well.”

However, not everyone believes the team showcased the best players across the country.

“I think the expectations for the team were really high,” Jersey City’s Kathryn Adachi said.

“I thought the team wasn’t necessarily the best team they could have brought.

“With it being a lockout year and with the talent they had available, the team never really came together the way that everyone was really expecting them to,” she explained.

“Losing to the USA in the semifinal and then losing to Russia in the bronze medal game, it really can't get worse for Canadians I don't think,” Adachi added.

It is the first time since 1998 that Team Canada returns home without a medal.

With files from Amanda Anderson