If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to ride a driverless vehicle, now is your chance.

The city has invited Edmontonians to sign up to ride an electric autonomous vehicle (ELA) in October.

ELA will hit the road at Blatchford from October 9-16, Chappelle Gardens from October 17-21, and Old Strathcona from October 22 to November 4.

“Edmonton is often innovating new ideas,” Mayor Don Iveson said in a press release. “It is incredibly exciting to be one of the first cities in Western Canada to have our citizens test out a fully autonomous shuttle.”

The driverless vehicle, which operates at around 12 km/h, will be separated from traffic and have an operator on board. It’s also wheelchair accessible and can hold up to 12 people, including the operator—six seated and six standing.

"We want to see what Edmontonians think of this technology and do some testing with the university to see how the technology works in our cold climate,” Stephanie McCabe, the city's branch manager, told CTV News.

You can sign up to ride the ELA here.