An Edmonton man who says he could have voted twice in the advance voting thinks Elections Alberta needs to be more careful to prevent cheating on Tuesday.

Elwood Ternovoy says he received two voter cards in the mail—both with his name and address.

“I gave the one card and went and voted,” Ternovoy told CTV News. “Then he scanned the second one and it came out that I could’ve went and voted twice; very easily could've cast two ballots with one person.”

Last week, an Edmonton couple told CTV News someone else had voted in their name.

Ternovoy thinks Elections Alberta should ask voters for photo ID, which is not required by law.

“We’re not required to show ID in our polls,” said Drew Westwater, deputy chief electoral office at Elections Alberta.  “It’s the honour system in Alberta; it’s the way the legislature chose to go this election…. And the legislation requires you give your name and address, and if you’re on the list, you get a ballot. That is the law.”

Elections Alberta said voters caught cheating could face two years in jail and receive a $50,000 fine.

With files from CTV Edmonton’s Sarah Plowman