An undercover sting operation executed by police last week has resulted in dozens of charges being laid against johns, and a number of sex-trade workers – while many others opted to enter a police-run recovery program.

The operation, dubbed ‘snag and snug’, was carried out between August 12 and August 15 by officers from the EPS Vice Section and Downtown Division, and lead to a total of 55 charges.

Over the week, officers arrested 30 men with ages ranging from 18 to 60-years-old, and charged them with communicating for the purpose of prostitution.

However, the operation had two purposes, to target johns and sex-trade workers - as a result, 25 women, and one transgendered individual were arrested and charged with communicating for the purpose of prostitution.

In those cases, police said the workers are offered a chance to seek counseling, treatment for drug addictions and other services through a specialized program called ‘Snug’, in exchange for the charges against them being dropped.

Of the women arrested, 18 entered the Snug program, and two went into detox treatment – one woman who was not arrested asked to enter the program as well.

Police said 26 vehicles were also seized as part of the operation, and a number of other unrelated charges were laid during the operation – including drug trafficking, living off the proceeds of crime, and breach of conditions.

Two individuals were also found to have a number of outstanding warrants, one was found with nine warrants, and a passenger in that vehicle also had four outstanding warrants.