Edmonton police confirmed Thursday that a high-risk sex offender had been found, and had crossed over into the United States earlier this week.

Police said they had confirmed Wednesday with U.S. Customs officials that Michael Stanley had crossed into Washington State, through the Blaine border crossing in British Columbia, on October 7.

An EPS officer could not release further details on how Stanley crossed the border, or his current location.

According to police, because Stanley is not wanted in the U.S., authorities south of the border have no reason to arrest him - but the Canada-wide warrant still stands.

The file is currently before federal prosecutors - it would be up to them to ask American authorities to arrest Stanley, and return him to Canada to face charges.

Stanley has been charged with five counts of breach of recognizance, mischief, driving without a valid driver’s license, driving without registration and driving without insurance.

The news came after the search for the 48-year-old started October 1 – RCMP said Stanley left Edmonton for Lloydminster, where he cut off the electronic monitoring bracelet and left it on the roof of a business in that community.

Later, RCMP confirmed Stanley had fled to Lethbridge, where he had been in touch with family in the area – his family contacted police, and tried to have Stanley turn himself in.

Stanley’s vehicle was also seized in Lethbridge - however, by Wednesday, Lethbridge RCMP said they were confident Stanley was no longer in the area.

RCMP said Stanley had been convicted of sexual offences, and had been known to take children from playgrounds in the past.

He was released from prison in 2011, after serving 32 months behind bars for assault and forcible confinement.

Edmonton police said they’re investigating Stanley’s escape and border crossing.

With files from David Ewasuk