EDMONTON -- The Edmonton Police Service launched a new campaign on Monday aimed at educating the public about their rights and responsibilities when interacting with officers.

The 'Know Your Rights' campaign - created by the EPS Equity, Inclusion and Human Rights Branch - includes a pocket brochure with a removable wallet-sized card that individuals can refer to if they have an encounter with police.

The information is also available online.  

“Everyone has the right to feel safe,” Lori Lorenz, Acting Executive Director of the EPS' Value & Impact Division, said in a news release.

"This initiative was created with the intent to educate the community on what their legal rights are during various types of engagement with Edmonton police officers," she said. "As a result, we hope that this will in turn foster a co-operative relationship between EPS members and the community they serve.”

The guide includes information like the right to know a police officer's badge number or name, or the right to know why an officer has stopped you.  

“Our goal with this educational campaign and content is to make this information more accessible and available to the community,” said Inspector Mitchell Flaman of the EPS’ Equity, Inclusion and Human Rights Branch.

“As police officers, we are tasked with maintaining public safety and preserving law and order, however, we recognize that interactions with law enforcement can be stressful. In helping the public understand their rights and officer responsibilities, we hope to minimize any associated feelings of apprehension or concern some members of the community may feel when interacting with or speaking to EPS members."

The brochure is currently available in English only, but police say translations into several different languages are in the works.

A copy of the brochure can be picked up at the front desk of any of Edmonton's six police stations starting Tuesday.

The campaign is expected to last six to eight weeks.