More than a month after a disciplinary committee found an Edmonton Police Service officer guilty of using excessive force, that officer has been sentenced.

Constable Mike Wasylyshen learned his punishment for his conduct in an incident dating back to October 2002, when the officer was trying to arrest Randy Fryingpan, who was 16-years-old at the time.

In that incident, Wasylyshen used his Taser, and deployed it eight times against Fryingpan within 68 seconds.

Earlier testimony said at the time, Fryingpan was passed out in the back of a vehicle – and he testified that he had no memory of the incident because he blacked out.

Wasylyshen also testified that Fryingpan was aggressive and threatening at the time.

In rendering his decision in October, the presiding Officer Paul Manuel disagreed with the Constable’s account, calling it nothing more than an excuse to justify his actions.

 “How could Randy Fryingpan be expected to comply? He was being pulled at, yelled at, and tasered,” Manuel stated.

“Was the use of force necessary? I found that it wasn’t.”

On Monday, Wasylyshen was sentenced to a 120 hour suspension without pay, which amounts to more than $5000.

In rendering his decision, Presiding Officer Paul Manuel said:

“While Taser burns heal, often times the psychological injuries are long lasting,” Manuel continued. “…no reasonable time for compliance is frankly, an embarrassment to policing.”

Manuel rejected any calls for Wasylyshen’s dismissal, and said in 10 years, the constable has changed.

The presiding officer also said the time the case took to reach sentencing is unacceptable.

With files from Serena Mah