EDMONTON -- In an effort to decrease motorcycle collisions on the streets, the Edmonton Police Traffic Section is encouraging riders to take their need for speed out to the area race tracks.

There were 119 motorcycle collisions in 2020, an increase of 14 per cent from 2019, according police.

The fastest speed captured this year was 220 km/h on the Anthony Henday Drive, said James McLeod, the acting staff Sgt. of the EPS Traffic Enforcement Section.

“The faster you do travel it lessens the time to react,” he noted.

McLeod said there are 15,000 registered motorcyclists in Edmonton alone and “ the sport is growing.”

Because of that, police have created the hashtag #takeittothetrack to encourage motorcycle riders to test the speed of their machine in a controlled environment.

“I get it,” EPS Const. Calvin Ozimko said. “Everyone wants to see what their machine is capable of doing.”

“It’s at these events that provide me and the motorcycle community an opportunity to push ourselves and our bikes where we’re not going to endanger the lives of others on the city streets.”

Raceway in Fort Sask

In order to get more people on the track, one of the owners of Motorheads Track Attacks rents out raceway facilities to host public events.

“The motorcycle community in Edmonton and Alberta is very strong,” Brian Worsdall explained. “There are avenues where they can get their fix of speed, and get their thrills out.”

“Whether you’re a new rider or an experienced rider, you can come out to these events and you’re going to get some solid advice or instruction on everything from proper gear, to bike set up to even how to drag your knee around the corner,” Ozimko added.


Worsdall recalled buying his first motorcycle at 19 years old and instantly becoming an enthusiast. But, after a collision on a busy intersection along Jasper Avenue, he said his attitude quickly changed.

“I luckily walked away with just a few scrapes,” he said.

“For the price of one speeding ticket, usually you can come out and have a day riding on track, faster then you’ll ever go in the streets.”

The program currently utilizes Stratotech Park in Fort Saskatchewan and Castrol Raceway in Nisku for its training and racing programs.