EDMONTON -- The Edmonton Public School Board is encouraging parents to start thinking ahead to the next school year. EPSB is looking at having all students back for the second half of the upcoming school year.

Parents can choose if they want their child learning online or in-person for the first semester. Parents can sign up starting June 21st. The deadline is August 12.

"Teachers want their kids back. You walk into your school and you feel the energy of a school environment,” said Kathy Muhlethaler, assistant superintendent of operations and learning for EPSB.

“I think we have kids that are online, that are doing online learning are really missing their friends and missing that interaction and so we just felt that for that first half of the year that we have to give options for families.”

Starting Monday, parents can also choose to enroll their child at the Argyll Centre for Online Learning for the entirety of the upcoming school year.