Some escorts in Edmonton say they are thinking about their high-risk lifestyles after one of their co-workers was murdered.

"It could have been me on a call. It could have been one of my best friend on a could have been anybody from any agency," said one of Robertson's co-workers, an escort, who asked not to be identified.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed Chantel Robertson, who was working as an escort at the time, was last seen Saturday around 2:30 a.m. when she was dropped off at the home where her body was found.

Police have charged Matthew Todd Barrett, 24, with first degree murder and indignity to a body after investigators discovered Robertson's body buried in the backyard of the home on 98 St. and 80 Ave. on Monday evening.

Later in the evening officers identified the body as Robertson.

"It's scary and it makes me just not want to do it. Obviously it makes me rethink my job and where I'm going," said Robertson's co-worker woman.

A neighbour who knows Barrett was shocked to hear the news.

"Very nice guy, in fact he said he was moving...he got a better spot," said Jack Walder who last saw Barrett on Thursday. "He didn't like this place anymore."

While the details of Robertson's death have yet to be determined, some hope the incident will serve as a reminder to young women that all forms of prostitution are dangerous.

"I think there used to be a misconception that the inside workers were more safe that the girls on the street, but the last two murder I understand were of woman who worked inside," said Kathy King from the Prostitute Action and Awareness Foundation

Robertson's death has touched many. On Tuesday friends and others who just wanted to pay their respects dropped off flowers in front of the home where she was last seen alive.

"I just put a couple flowers just for the girl's memory...a lot of other people did too and just bless her soul," said a man who lives close to the home where Robertson's body was found.

Investigators said many people have been interviewed in connection to the case.

An autopsy has not yet been scheduled. The cause of death is still unknown.

With files from Scott Roberts