The Edmonton Transit System’s bus network is undergoing its first redesign in two decades.

The restructured network will increase buses on busier routes and improve weekend and evening service—but the changes come at the expense of some neighbourhoods.

“The routes are more direct, more overlap and more frequent, and I think that is part of the benefit of what this new system can provide,” ETS Branch Manager Eddie Robar said.

Routes in communities with low ridership—like Cameron Heights— and industrial areas will no longer have a bus service.

Ward 5 councillor Sarah Hamilton told CTV News she’s heard from upset residents in Cameron Heights.

“It’s really disappointing for a lot of those residents who live there," Hamilton said. "It’s disappointing for me. That wasn’t the answer I was looking for.”

The redesign is currently in its second phase. First, the city created a draft and received feedback from the public. The main concerns included longer distances between bus stops, a loss of services in some areas, and an increase in transfers.

ETS revised the draft to have the majority of transit users within a five to seven-minute walk to a bus stop.

From October 25 to December 9, the city encourages Edmontonians to fill out an online survey or attend one of 13 workshops.

The new network is expected to launch in 2020.

With files from Nahreman Issa