Students were evacuated from the Students’ Union Building at the University of Alberta Sunday afternoon over what turned out to be a false alarm.

Police were called to the campus around 2 p.m. Sunday after reports of a man with a gun.

“I was ordering Edo and this police officer came to me and was like, ‘you guys need to evacuate the building,’” said Lorraine Parcon.

“It was intense.”

However after investigating, police discovered the gun was a paintball gun.

Staff Sgt. Katherine Rolfe told CTV News some students had been filming an orientation video for the upcoming year using the paintball gun.

Rolfe said there appeared to have been an “unfortunate miscommunication.”

The students had informed campus security about the filming but the message had not been sent to the right people.

No one was harmed. Police cleared out by 2:30 p.m.