An Edmonton man could be facing a stiff fine after his peahen, an animal which is prohibited in the city, escaped from his home and went on a tour of north Edmonton.

The brown peahen, has been on the loose in north Edmonton for the past couple days after escaping from her owner's home.

"It was crazy, we'd walk into out room and it was staring at us through the window," said 12-year-old Lauren Harvey.

Neighbours say they started to get worried after watching the animal hop around the area for a number of days.

"We've seen her leap from rooftop to fence to tree, so definitely can get some air, but I don't know that they fly distances," said nearby resident Kim Harvey. "The kids have been trying to catch her and feed her and we figured she was cold and needed some shelter."

Fire crews responded to the area Sunday morning. Animal control officers say the owner could be facing a fine.

"There is a $500 fine for having a prohibited animal in the City of Edmonton, so if its in city limits there's a possibility of having that fine issues," said Animal Control Officer Sarah Croll.

Neighbours believe the exotic bird owner, may also be in possession of other prohibited birds. The peacock in questions remains on the loose.

Neighbours say a white peacock escaped from the man's yard last summer. Animal control officers say that white peacock was taken to a sanctuary.