The Robbins Pavillion at the Royal Alexandra Hospital is now home to an expectant family.

A mother goose laid her eggs in a planter on the hospital’s rooftop Healing Garden, an area meant for patients.

“I go up very briefly every morning, from two different vantage points, and take photographs,” said Ken Dalton, medical photographer.

The garden has been closed to staff and patients giving the geese space until the eggs hatch and the goslings old enough to leave.

Mother goose

“The male doesn’t seem to bother with me right now. He watches me very closely and the female, she’s quite comfortable as long as I stay 15 to 20 feet away from her,” said Dalton.

 Hospital staff have reached out to wildlife experts.

“They’ve really advised us to just let nature take its course and protect and support them, and enjoy them, but not to interfere,” said Janie Clink, site executive director at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Mother goose

Staff are enjoying the expectant family so much they’ve decided to start a contest to find names for them.

“So hopefully we’ll have names for the geese and hopefully maybe for the goslings in the next few weeks,” said Clink.

With files from David Ewasuk…