EDMONTON -- An explosion in an industrial work yard east of Edmonton that was felt by dozens of people nearby will be investigated by Occupational Health and Safety.

According to Strathcona County Fire Department, no one was injured in the Thursday afternoon blast at a business near Highway 16 and Range Road 232.

Authorities told CTV News Edmonton a welder was working under a tanker trailer at ARS Trucking & Welding when the explosion happened, pushing the trailer up and away from the welder.

"The tanker exploded on them. The gentleman underneath and another gentleman who was adjacent to it were uninjured miraculously and there was no fire," said Strathcona County Emergency Services Deputy Chief Devin Capcara. "All in all, a couple of really lucky gentlemen."

Lawrence Wiebe says he felt it in his workplace near 32 Street NE, south of Liberty Road.

"I was in my office eating lunch, I heard a loud bang," he told CTV News Edmonton.

His building’s security camera caught an apparent shock at 12:07 p.m., then a plume of smoke rise up in the distance.

“It shook the whole office,” Wiebe said.

OHS confirmed it was investigating the blast, but provided no further details when contacted by CTV News Thursday.