Kristen Fersovitch is battling cancer.

The Edmonton mother was told she had only years left to live, but she's far from ready to abandon hope.

Many will remember Fersovitch as a performer for the Singing Christmas Tree. The 28-year-old woman's song, about finding joy in the face of adversity, left few dry eyes in the holiday crowd.

"Just take it day by day, because that's all you have is today." Fersovitch said Thursday. "You don't know what's going to happen tomorrow."

The mother of three had a CT scan, just a few weeks ago, showing the disease had spread to her pelvis. It's also attacking her lymph nodes and her spine. Her doctor said, last November, that she had as long as two years left to live.

"I said to my doctor 'If these are the last days of my life, which I am certain they are not, I want to feel as good as I do now'." Fersovitch said. "And you can't really argue with that."

Before taking part in the Singing Christmas Tree, doctors told her the cancer had spread to her left lung. But, about a month later, she found out her lungs were clear.

"You can chalk it up to a miscommunication; maybe it wasn't disease." Fersovitch said. "Or, you can say 'Miracle' maybe? Maybe that's just the beginning of things."

Faith continues to play a major role in the way Fersovitch deals with her diagnosis. She says she will continue to work on her music and hopes to record her single "Christmas Time" in the near future.

Her song, along with the other performances at Edmonton's Singing Christmas Tree, helped to raise $102,000 for the local charity Santas Anonymous.

Fersovitch says she plans to be on stage again this holiday season to deliver a repeat performance.

With files from Veronica Jubinville