EDMONTON -- If this period of self-isolation is wearing on your family, Alberta's chief medical officer of health suggests finding support with a cohort family.

Several strict conditions must be met for this to be done safely.

Hinshaw says it only works if both families are completely committed and as long as members of both families remain healthy, don't have any underlying medical conditions, aren't high risk like seniors and have not recently travelled outside the country.

"By doing this, the two families would only be exposed to each other, limiting close contacts," Hinshaw said on Wednesday. "Children would have opportunities to play in a controlled environment and parents would have opportunities to connect."

It has been more than a week since Canadians were asked to stay home, and nearly two weeks since schools closed.

Families are also encouraged to practice stricter hygiene measures at home, particularly in handling food.

Serving utensils should only be handled by one person and families should not be sharing snacks from a bowl, including popcorn, candy, nuts or fruit.