The Grande Prairie family whose truck full of Christmas presents was stolen says their “faith in humanity has definitely been restored” by a generous Secret Santa.

Garrett and Amanda Dunn were preparing for a trip to B.C. on Boxing Day when thieves stole Garett’s truck from the family’s driveway.

On Sunday, the family was gifted over $1,000 worth of presents to replace those stolen by an anonymous individual.

“I can’t even explain how I feel right now,” Amanda said. “It’s the sweetest thing ever.”

“We were just expecting to come down and replace some of the gifts that were stolen for our nephews and stuff and they went way over board with everything. We are very grateful,” added her husband.

According to the Secret Santa’s helper elf, Nikki Taylor, the unknown donor “just heard the story and thought that was a pretty rough break to have before Christmas.”

“When this gentlemen asked me to help out like that, I thought, how could I not? How do you say no to something like that, to bring joy to other people? It doesn’t cost me anything, except for a little bit of time,” she added.

Speaking off camera, the Secret Santa said “Christmas when I was growing up was huge for my family, but my mom in particular.”

He and his siblings anonymously offer their help in her memory.

On Dec. 23, the Secret Santa was also responsible for a Christmas surprise for two others.

Of the stranger’s generosity, Garett said, “You go from feeling down and can’t believe that kind of thing can happen to you to feeling grateful.”