Kaylen Turner is the proud owner of Grant Fuhr’s 1987-88 hockey pads, but the 21-year-old is too young to have seen the Oilers alumni play in person. However, he did meet his hockey hero Saturday at a Rogers Place party celebrating the Oilers’ 40 years in the NHL.

“My dad was shooting pucks for Grant Fuhr's equipment manager,” explained Turner.

“As a token as an appreciation the equipment manager gave (the pads) to my dad to wear.”

The equipment was then passed down Turner.

Fuhr was among the Oilers celebrities who were celebrating the team’s 40th year in the NHL at a Rogers Place party Saturday.  

To kickstart the milestone season, the team hosted an Oilers Fan Day aimed at bringing in families who otherwise would not get the chance to check out the arena.

For Turner, it meant meeting a long-time favourite: “(Fuhr) was pretty excited. I got him to take a picture of him wearing the pads. It was pretty cool.”

And for Evie Watson, it was a chance to bring her kids to the venue—something that doesn’t happen often.

“We're a family of five. We have an income but it's a lot to be able to come to a game. So this is a really exciting opportunity for the kids to see the Oilers.”

The club said it was it was a good time to give back to its supporters.

“Obviously there were some fans upset last year,” said Jeff Harrop, Oilers Entertainment Group senior vice president of marketing. “But honestly it was more our 40th anniversary season we wanted to do something special for both season seat holders and the general public to come on in.”

The event brought in an estimated 3,000 fans—a crowd large enough to make organizers consider hosting another fan day in the future.