Two people have died in a collision on Highway 19 near Devon early Friday morning, it’s just the latest in a long list of serious collisions on that road, and residents are pushing for it to be twinned.

RCMP officers were called to the scene of the collision on Highway 19 east of Highway 60 at about 7:30 a.m. Friday.

It’s believed a taxi cab which was heading east clipped a truck travelling in the opposite direction, before colliding with a second truck.

Two people in the taxi died as a result of the crash, both drivers of the trucks were not seriously injured.

Highway 19 was closed to traffic in both directions while crews dealt with the crash.

Police said the same stretch of road, which many use as a route to get to and from the airport, has been the scene of a number of serious crashes.

Residents said crashes on that highway happen too often.

“That highway is horrible,” Lena Nicholls said. “I hate to go on it personally myself.

“I’ve lived in Devon since I was 4, and almost every year there’s been some kind of tragedy on there.”

One other resident said that stretch of road needs to be twinned.

“There’s a lot of passing, there’s a lot of speeding, [it’s] very under-policed,” Chad Bibaud said. “Something needs to be done, seriously, it’s been like that for years.”

Transportation Alberta said 8 fatal crashes have happened on that highway – leaving 10 dead – between 2006 and 2010.

However, Devon’s Mayor said the road has been a problem since the mid-1990s.

“It’s extremely dangerous, the number of crashes, the number of fatalities that actually take place on that highway is always increasing,” Anita Fisher said.

The province is also looking at twinning that 12 kilometre section of the highway between Highway 60 to Highway 2 – CTV News has learned preliminary design work is underway, along with land acquisition.

“We know the road needs to be twinned, it is important,” Transportation Minister Ric McIver said. “I think most Albertans would agree that it’s important we just don’t do it fast, that we do it right.

“There are a number of complicating factors that we’re working our way through as fast as possible.”

An Alberta Transportation spokesperson said officials are working with area residents and the Edmonton airport authority.

RCMP are still investigating, it's believed driver error and slippery road conditions played roles in the crash.

With files from Veronica Jubinville