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Fatal overdose in northern Alberta prompts RCMP warning

Fentanyl pills can be seen above. This image is for illustrative purposes only. Fentanyl pills can be seen above. This image is for illustrative purposes only.

Mounties in northern Alberta have issued a warning after two overdoses, including one death, in Grimshaw.

On Wednesday, emergency crews were called to a suspected fentanyl overdose in the community.

Despite the efforts of emergency responders, the 29-year-old man died.

Several hours later, emergency crews were called to a second suspected fentanyl overdose.

The victim was taken to hospital and is recovering.

Welfare checks are also being conducted on two other people related to the call.

Police say they're actively investigating the overdoses and are reminding the public to be wary about street drugs.

Signs of fentanyl overdose include slow, irregular and shallow breathing, pinpoint pupils, muscle stiffness, seizures and unconsciousness, police said.

Higher doses of naloxone are needed to treat an overdose, and it may not always be effective.

Anyone using street drugs is encouraged to follow these practices:

  • Avoid using while alone;
  • Ask someone to check on you or use while on the phone with a trusted person able to call for assistance in the event of an overdose;
  • Use supervised consumption services if possible;
  • Always do a test dose to check the potency or strength of the drug;
  • Know the signs and symptoms of poisoning/overdose and call 911 for direction and support.; and
  • Carry a naloxone kit and know how to use it to respond to a suspected opioid poisoning/overdose.

Anyone with information about the overdoses in Grimshaw is asked to call Peace Regional RCMP at 780-624-6611 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Grimshaw is about 510 kilometres northwest of Edmonton. Top Stories

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