The stabbing death of a man Monday night has been deemed a homicide.

Officers were called to the home on 113 Avenue and 94 Street, at about 8:30 p.m. Monday – after it was reported that a person was stabbed.

On Tuesday afternoon, police said results from the autopsy that was conducted on Tuesday afternoon confirmed the homicide.

Police identified the deceased as 23-year-old Aden Ahmed.

It’s believed Ahmed was stabbed, after an alleged fight between several of men.

The home where the incident happened contains separate suites, and those living in the basement of the home said they heard noises coming from the suite above before police arrived.

“I heard a big thump,” Dustin Badger said. “Didn’t even go on long, about 30 seconds, [then there was] just silence.

“Then a little while later I saw someone in the back, [I went to] go check to see if my kids are alright, [I went] back and he’s gone.”

The Homicide unit is investigating.