The city has released its final vision for the Imagine Jasper Avenue project.

Using feeback gathered from the public, the plan will be shown off during a public open house Thursday night.

“So this is one last opportunity to see the plan before we start putting details into it for construction in 2020,” said Satya Gadidasu, project manager.

The project will transform Jasper Avenue from 109 Street to 124 Street into a more pedestrian friendly area.

"It is the pedestrian that is the number one priority, but we need to consider all modes as well because it's a main street, which is a place as well as a link into downtown,” said Gadidasu.

Phase one, which includes the section from 109 Street to 114 Street, was approved by council in December and is ready to move into the construction stage.  It will cost $20 million to complete.

“We had real good feedback received in terms of the cross streets we initially proposed. We improved that to widen more so that bigger vehicles can make a safer turn and we reopening the 109 Street right turn at Jasper Avenue going south to legislative building,” said Gadidasu.

A new marked crossing for cyclists, as well as traffic signals in all directions, will be added on 110 Street.

There will be four lanes of traffic from 109 to 124 Street, with some center turning lanes and some sections with a landscaped median.

A raised median, barrier wall and pedestrian crossing are also being added to 124 Street.

“The priority bus line that's on either side of the avenue is going to be taken away and that's going to shorten crossing distances for people. We have a lot of seniors in Oliver," said Lisa Brown, Oliver Community League president.

There will also be narrower lanes making room for a wider sidewalk and "curb bump-outs."

"The curb actually comes out further so that sight lines are lot better. So pedestrians and drivers can make eye contact a lot easier,” said Brown.

EPCOR is scheduled to start work along phase one in the fall, with the project slated to get underway in 2020.

The project manager said pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained during construction, but drivers will be impacted.

“Today we can clearly say there will be one lane each direction … during construction time at a minimum,” said Gadidasu.

The open house is being held Thursday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Oliver School.