Arson is being blamed for a fire that destroyed the home of an Edmonton police officer. And the officer's former boyfriend is now in custody charged in connection to the case.

Edmonton Police Constable Stacy Miskolczi's home is now a total loss.

"I never expected this to happen to me. Never in a million years," she said.

The suspect in this case is 27-year-old Craig David Tullis, who happens to be the officer's former boyfriend. Miskolczi had a restraining order against him and tells CTV News the fire happened on Friday, the same day the restraining order was served.

Tullis later turned himself in.

"It's hard when you know what the person was like this before and that's what makes this tough for me," she said.

Tullis, who is a former Canadian soldier, has been charged in the fire and was ordered to get a psychological evaluation.

"You know it just goes to show you that anyone can be victims, including a police officer in this case," said Edmonton Police Association President Tony Simioni.

The police association is now helping her with a place to stay and support through the court system.

With files from Bill Fortier