Fire and smoke could be seen coming from Villeneuve Airport Friday morning as firefighters ran a full-scale emergency response exercise.

“The exercise will enable increased co-operation with regional partners in the event of an actual emergency,” the International Airport said in a press release.

The Mobil Aircraft Fire Trainer was used to produce real smoke and flame, mimicking the realistic conditions firefighters would face during a real emergency.

“When you put fires in front of firefighters and put fires in front of EMS, the actual event starts to take more effect, becomes more realistic,” said Fire Chief Burl Hamm.

The exercise used community volunteers acting the part of “victims.”

“It’s important, so we put a face to an injury, put a face to someone who’s been in an accident,” said Hamm.

A full-scale airport crash exercise is done every four years.

Airport operations were not affected by the training.