Stony Plain residents reported several instances of flooding Monday morning, after a rainy weekend.

According to Environment Canada, the town received 27.6 millimetres of rain on July 7, bringing its monthly total precipitation to 39.3 millimetres.

In 2018, Stony Plain counted 85.5 millimetres of precipitation for the entire month.

Rain counts were also higher in June, than last year. In June 2019, Stony Plain saw 124.9 millimetres of precipitation; last year, just 70.8 millimetres.

In fact, the precipitation level for June 2019 was the highest since 2011, when Stony Plain saw 133.1 millimetres of rain.

Stony Plain Golf Course, located on the south side of the town, announced on social media it would be closed for the day.

Several other residents shared images and video of their yard and town flooded.



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