EDMONTON -- Fort Edmonton Park is looking for the public’s help to complete the ongoing midway expansion and renovations.

The foundation is seeking help with its “Light the Midway” campaign, aiming to raise $1 million. The campaign takes inspiration from the “Light the Bridge” campaign for the High Level Bridge.

“As we saw our midway being developed we saw the beautiful Edison lightbulbs that’s going to be the inspiration for us when we return to enjoy the midway and we couldn’t resist,” said Janet Tryhuba, executive director of the Fort Edmonton Foundation.

“It was the perfect theme to go ahead with to inspire our community and give them something positive to look forward to next year.”

Fort Edmonton park

The Fort Edmonton Park Enhancement Project began in fall 2018 and includes new infrastructure, a new exhibit and an expansion of the midway.

“Fort Edmonton Park is about my family, it’s about the city, our history,” said Jason Clarke, President of the Fort Edmonton Park Foundation.

“It’s one of those places that is a tangible, living history experience, where you can literally reach out and touch history, you can smell history and you can experience it.”

Tryhuba said that with the ongoing pandemic fundraising is difficult so they tried to make the campaign affordable.

“We thought we’d be price sensitive and encourage a donation, every donation counts, but a $50 lightbulb we hope is within reach for most people who would want to be participants.”

The midway expansion, once completed, will recreate a 1920’s style carnival atmosphere.

“The midway is going to have a beautiful new Ferris wheel, larger than the one we had, new rides, a new maze, lots of fun in the revisited fun house, cabinet of the curios, lots of fun new food and entertainment,” said Tryhuba.

The expansion project and renovations are expected to be finished in 2021, around when the park plans to reopen. More information on how to donate to the “Light the Midway” campaign can be found here.