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Fort McMurray to welcome back international flights

Fort McMurray International Airport. Fort McMurray International Airport.

Smaller Canadian airports will once again be able to accept international flights including Fort McMurray.

Chair of the Canadian Airports Council, RJ Steenstra, told CTV News Edmonton he’s encouraged by the change, adding that it’ll help create future economic opportunities for the city and the airport.

“A positive move for airports across the country,” he noted.

Over the last two years, Steenstra said they’ve been restricted from pursuing international connections for the community on an outbound and inbound basis, because of policies and restrictions put in place to mitigate COVID-19.

However, one of the biggest boosts this announcement brings is a possible bump in tourism to the area, Steenstra added.

“It will encourage confidence of travel for the public in Canada to get back in airplanes and go to places they want to go,” Steenstra explained. “But also on the flipside of that, visitation back in all of our communities.”

Steenstra said regional airports will continue to work with the provincial government to keep passengers safe as mandates are adjusted. Top Stories

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