A Fort McMurray woman is in Edmonton this weekend to garner support for her petition to speed up the twinning of Highway 63, after her son died in a crash on the highway nearly a year ago.

Annie Lelievre’s son Jason died in a head-on collision on Highway 63 in December 2011.

Lelievre believes her son would still be alive if the ‘Highway of Death’ was twinned.

The province announced earlier this month that they are speeding up the twinning process and that it should be completed by the fall of 2016 – but Lelievie thinks it needs to be come sooner.

“If people only realize how hard it is to carry on after something like that happens to you, the tragedy, it’s a big step to try to move on and what I’ve done is I’ve tried to make a voice,” Lelievre tells CTV News.

“Since my son’s death I have made it a goal to decrease the rate and time of the twinning of Highway 63.”

Lelievre said her petition has received more than 38,000 print and online signatures and she hopes her efforts will speed up the process and prevent more tragedies on the province’s deadliest highway.

“I truly believe in all my heart that my son would still be here if the Highway was twinned,” she said.

“I don’t want anybody to live what I live every day. We don’t want any more family members taken by this highway.”

There have been numerous calls for the twinning of Highway 63.

In April, a fiery crash left seven people dead and prompted a huge rally calling for the province to fast-track the process.

Lelievre will present her petition at the legislature on Nov. 8.