The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team said a series of raids resulted in the arrest of four people, and the seizure of drugs.

ALERT said four search warrants were executed, following a targeted investigation into a cocaine supply group.

In homes located in southeast Edmonton, investigators said they found seven kilograms of cocaine, 11.4 kilograms of buffing agent Phenacetin, ten kilograms of marijuana, and 567 grams of MDMA. In addition, officers confiscated three prohibited weapons, four vehicles and $6,365 in cash proceeds of crime.

It’s estimated the seized drugs have a street value of about $850,000.

ALERT said it’s believed the group was supplying cocaine to communities throughout the area – the whole investigation was initiated following a drug bust in Cold Lake in March that saw the arrest of Aaron Capp, 28, who is believed to be an associate of the Dirty Few outlaw motorcycle gang.

Capp was arrested with 430 grams of MDMA and 140 grams of cocaine on March 6.

Four people are facing drug-related charges: Brendan Bennett, 31, Richard Comely, 33, Travis Lall, 35, Allison Wincherauk, 27.