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Full-time workers needed for the Mustard Seed's winter shelter in Wetaskiwin

The Mustard Seed is still looking for full-time workers at their winter shelter in Wetaskiwin despite a large turnout at their hiring fair on Monday.

The non-profit organization came into the day hoping to fill a combined 40 full-time support positions at new shelters at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton and in Wetaskiwin. The Edmonton shelter has hired all needed positions.

“This work isn’t always easy, but it’s important,” Dean Kurpjuweit, chief regional officer for the Mustard Seed Edmonton told CTV Edmonton in response to the large turnout for the hiring fair.

“It’s actually heartwarming to see so many Edmontonians that want to participate in what we do.”

The positions consist of 40-hour work weeks until the end of March. Work can include serving meals, handing out clothes, talking or playing games with clients and dealing with those in distress. Workers who can work overnight are also needed.

“We need people that are, first of all, compassionate, that understand and appreciate and are sensitive to the needs of vulnerable people, that will treat them with respect and dignity and kindness,” Kurpjuweit explained.

The Wetaskiwin shelter is still looking to fill some full-time positions. Kurpjuweit says the job can be a hard, but gratifying experience.

“You get to walk with them in the moment of crisis and then you get to celebrate with them as they move on into independence and wellness. And that is really, really rewarding.”

The two additional shelters are opening as the temperature drops due to an increase in the homeless population as a result of COVID-19.

People wishing to apply for a position can do so online Top Stories

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