EDMONTON -- It may be almost 40 feet across, but it’s nearly impossible to see, unless you’re 3 stories high inside Discovery Place in Devon that is.

“Oh that’s great you guys,” said long-time resident Sharla Back.

Created by Laurie Keindel with her boots, this giant snow poppy is her way of paying tribute to the veterans who’ve lived at the senior’s residence.

“They all left their special mark here,” said Keindel, who owns and works at the hair salon inside Discovery Place.

While she hopes everyone associated with Remembrance Day at the residence sees her artwork, Keindel couldn’t wait for the reaction of one extra-special veteran.

Roy Hale

Specifically Roy Hale, who turned 100 back in April.

“I was born in 1920,” said Hale, who could pass for a much younger 80.

Keindel has done other snowfield artwork over the years. From a giant pumpkin for Halloween, to an Oilers logo for hockey fans and even a huge “send beer” arrow pointing the residence.

But her latest creation might have the most meaning.

“We made it yesterday, and then it snowed again, so we are re-stomping,” said Keindel

Especially to Hale, who served in the Second World War in England.

“Oh yes! She did a good job making that big poppy, oh yea,” said Hale.

“And to all the people serving right now, absolutely sending the love, we have to celebrate differently this year,” added Keindel.