The Glenora Community League has been given federal money to assist with renovations to the gym.

MP for Edmonton-Centre Laurie Hawn made the announcement, on behalf of the Minister for Western Economic Diversification, Saturday afternoon.

The $19,940 funding will come from the federal Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund. It will help pay for upgrades to the facilities windows, floors and scoreboard.

“Ten to $20,000 makes a big difference to community leagues,” Hawn told CTV News adding the program was often oversubscribed.

“We try and put it where it will do the most good.”

Glenora Community League president, Beth Sanders, said the money was crucial for the league.

“For young and old, this is the heart of our neighbourhood,” she wrote in a press release.

 “This is our gathering place, where we convene for play and recreation, but also where we meet each other socially to build a resilient community.

“It’s really about having a healthy stable place for us to meet,” she told CTV News.

Sanders said they expected to begin work on the gym floor in the spring.

“It’s a dicey thing to do – to pull a gym floor out of commission when there are all kinds of activities happening,” she said but added the work was needed as the floor was coming apart.