EDMONTON -- Some students from Waskatenau, Alta. were a bit surprised when a different kind of student joined their online class.

Grade 5 student Fallyn Dunkle was in the car with her mom to take their pet goat named Hunchee to the vet.

Dunkle logged in for a Google Meet with her class and the three-month-old goat jumped into the frame.

Originally her teacher thought it was Dunkle’s dog.

A picture of the student and her goat ended up on the school website and in the local paper.

Dunkle told CTV News Edmonton in an interview that she enjoys having Hunchee and that he makes a good companion during online learning.

“He’s cute and fun,” Dunkle said.

On top of being attentive to school work, Hunchee’s family said he also enjoys a Skittle, once in a while.