Greyhound has approved new security measures following the beheading of a passenger last month.

Company officials say they recently approved a decision to search all carry-on bags and even restrict luggage coming on board.

The security measures come after 22-year-old Tim McLean was stabbed and beheaded by another passenger on July 30 while riding a Greyhound bus from Edmonton to Winnipeg.

Greyhound driver Gary Galbreath said he thinks the new rules will only make riding the bus safer for everyone involved.

"It's probably the safest transportation that it has been in the 28 years that I've been here because everything is being checked so the stuff isn't coming on board," he said. "It is safe transportation, we just have to move forward with it."

Starting this week, bus depots in major cities will post a list of prohibited items, including guns, knives and contraband.