A group is pitching a park to connect Edmonton's downtown core and Old Strathcona via a park across the High Level Bridge.

The High Level Line Society held an event on Saturday to show off their idea, a 4.3 kilometre park that runs along the old Canadian Pacific Railway right-of-way.

"The line technically exists, but it has a lot of missing links along the way, and in some places, is very confusing and even dangerous in some parts for pedestrians and cyclists to share the path," explained Gillian Thomson.

The northernmost point of the proposed park would be located at MacEwan University, from where it would join Jasper Avenue, Grandin Junction, the High Level Bridge, Garneau Tunnel, Strathcona Gardens and Whyte Avenue.

"What we envision is connecting those missing links and making a space that is more accessible, easier to navigate, and provides a really interesting experience along the way."

Their pitch includes hosting events and activities in the park, or even shacks that could sell locally made goods.

Ward 6 Councillor Scott McKeen said he loves the idea, and that such a park could serve as a backyard for people who live in apartments along the way.

"Public space that has activity in it is the kind of space that attracts people out easily, gives a greater sense of connection to the community," he said.

The group does not have an estimate of the cost it would take to transform the bridge, but would like to see it done in stages.

They're also looking for feedback from Edmontonians.

With files from Amanda Anderson