EDMONTON -- A young couple has decided to start a family on the outdoor deck of a senior’s complex.

It’s a mother goose, her unborn goslings and a gander standing watch over the nest.

According to Bob and Susan Chambers, the geese can stay perched on their balcony for as long as they want.

The pair told CTV News Edmonton the goose they named Molly sits on her nest directly outside their fourth-floor balcony window.

“They make quite a bit of noise some days,” Bob said.

Balcony goose

The gander has also been named; the Chambers call him Fibber McGee and they say he’s very protective of the eggs.

“They say when they’re really riled up they can break your arm,” Susan added.

Bob and Susan -- who moved to Edmonton four years ago from Chilliwack, B.C. -- say the geese arrived during an April 10 snowstorm.

Bob and Susan have grandkids back home they hope to soon visit, but the next big life event for them will be watching and waiting for the eggs to hatch.

They don’t dare go near the nest. Bob said Molly is always calm perched atop of the eggs and Fibber is always anxious.

“He’s on guard at all times, he’s protecting the nest.”

The eggs are expected to hatch mid-month.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s David Ewasuk